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Sunshine + How to optimizer with EQ1 in Protools

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bY: Dwi Kashiwagi
Main Genre: Summer
Second Genre: Jazz
Music Country: INA
Music Type: Instrumental

This instrumental song. Had genre summer with my style hihihi. If you wanna go to the beach, and you could not. you can play this song. Because in this song I put some full  FX wave beach, and FX bird till end song. hihihi. Okay, here it is...

How to optimizer with EQ1 in Protools, in below this video, we will learn. Did you know like kind what is EQ1?. Ofcourse, is Equalizer ^_^. But did you know, this VST I think is very easy to use. Most important is if you wanna low pass, high pass that's very simple. If I compared with fabfilter, maybe I will choice this EQ1. Okay, here watch buddy...

EQ1 is simply equalizer with 1 point step frequency. You can use template high pass, low pass, mid, etc...

-available 1 step point frequency
-small graphic

 +easy to use
 +low memory

my result testimony this VST is 100 of 100

Here for instant play the song...

Download here:
192kbps, half part: Sunshine + How to optimizer with EQ1 in Protools
64kbps, full duration: <soon>

For premium download you will get many all features likes:
-all track mixdown (steams)
-mixdown track
-master track
-FL Studio's File
-chord, and more...

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