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FL WASP - Phaseaw Instrument (How To Make Great FX)

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Hello everybody, now I will post How To Make Great FX with FL Studio WASP. In this tutorial yes, we use Wasp VST in FL Studio. Maybe no many people use that. But I think this VST really helpfull and great.

Actually, if you use this with natural sound maybe get little interest. But if you use some tricks, some additional, some costume maybe sound will be great FX. Just believe, this also working on all VSTs too.

Ok, no more chit chat, so go on with it, here the tutorial with my style.
Hope may be usefull...

FL WASP -  Phaseaw Instrument (How To Make Great FX)
 -few channel instrument

 +easy use
 +easy operate
 +lowest RAM

my result testimony this VST is 100 of 100.

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