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[MV] Berjanjilah Kau Kepadaku (SeeU)

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Ok, just go on with it. I don't know ensure how many I was created videos. But this question is not important right? hihi. Okay, in this videos I will explaining what type of video it is.

Yes, this MV type. MV is Music Video. Contains vocaloid song with Indonesia languange. As Usual, I use SeeU bank. Like what I say, this bank is very very recomended for Indonesia language. In this video had lyric too. So you can while a singing.

And one more point,  I am sorry I did not put real girl actions in this video hihihihi. Okay, here watching...

Music & Lyric: Dwi Kashiwagi
Vocaloid Bank: SeeU
Main Genre: Dance
Second Genre: Electro
Music Country: INA

buying song. so you support artist for continue making the next songs...

Download here:

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