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Control Surface Plugin Function On FL Studio (4 Jan 2018)

The Control Surface plugin allows you to add real-time controls that can be linked to plugins in FL Studio OR Patcher. It's similar to and supersedes the Fruity Dashboard plugin. Control objects (knobs, sliders etc) can be linked to plugin and FL Studio interface targets to combine or aggregate control in a single location or to create dashboards for plugins and external hardware. You can add as many Control Surfaces as required to your project to Channels or Effect slots.

Options and Controls

  • Add a Control Surface - The default Patcher loads with a single Control Surface, to add additional Control Surfaces drag from the Browser > Plugin database > Visual > Control Surface and drop on the Channel Rack an Effect slot or Patcher. NOTE: If your plugin database is different, just search for 'Control Surface'.
  • Load/save Control Surfaces - Click the Presets button as shown above and either save or load a Control Surface configuration.
  • Add parameter controls - Click the + (Add) button as shown above and select from the pop-up menu of controls.
  • Edit parameter controls - Click the E (Edit) button as shown above (controls will show red-rectangles around them) then you can click and drag to move or right-click and select the size, style, colors and rename the control.
  • Link plugins to Control Surface controls
    • 1. Add a Control Surface control as an Instrument or Effect (there is no difference).
    • 2. Follow the usual internal Linking procedure using the Remote control settings.
  • Rename Parameters - Right-click the parameter and select 'Rename' from the pop-up menu.
  • Live tweaking - Use the mouse on the Parameter of interest as you would any plugin control. Select Multitouch to control multiple controls on a multi-touch monitor.   

Control Creator

You can create your own Knob and Slider control designs with the Control Creator tool. This is located in the FL Studio installation folder under ..FL Studio\System\Tools\ControlCreator\ControlCreator.exe. This is a self contained program and you can copy the .exe to another location or make a shortcut to the .exe on your desktop. 

NOTE: Many controls will change their appearance on roll-over with the mouse, this is shown by the preview control with the dot above it.


  1. Run ..FL Studio\System\Tools\ControlCreator\ControlCreator.exe
  2. Select the Wheel, Slider or Button tab and then edit the control using the options provided. The display on the right side shows the control at various sizes. You can interact with these with your mouse to test their appearance.
  3. After you have designed your control, save the .ilcontrol format file to the FL Studio install folder under ..FL Studio\Plugins\Fruity\Effects\Control Surface\Artwork\Styles and then depending if it's a Knob or Slider put it in the Wheels/Knob or Sliders folder respectively.
  4. Finally, on the Control Surface or Patcher plugin, add a Knob, Slider or Button, then select Edit mode. Right-click the control and your design will appear as an option under the Styles menu option. 

 My Conclusion/s is;

This is a VST type. You can only put this plugin into mixer rack. If you use this plugin witout MIDI process, this VST really not work. Then you should need MIDI controller to linking. For beginner, this really need time to learn it. Don't worry I will tell you of all of that what I know. Maybe next time I will teach you how to configure Link Procedure. Next, we will move and tell the topic about Edison Plugin Function

Ok, that's all. Hope this articel will useful for you. See ya, for the next time and have a good day...

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