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Crash + How to use SPL Passeq in Protools

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Usher - Crash REMiX
Main Genre: Trance
Sec. Genre: Techno
Music Country: USA

Okay, here my remix next. I transform with Trance genre. Original genre is RnB I think. You can find the originality this song by Usher such in google or youube, or etc...

You can watching in below video + learning how to use SPL passeq. what it is?. I will instant explaining. This VST is like EQ. But had a different function. But I recomended you to put this VST into the master fader channel. Believe me...
Okay, here...

SPL Passeq is VST mixer plugin. This very recomended for mixing or mastering. Here it is my results:

-need some technique for operated it
-many had operate functions
-need more RAM

 +recomended for mixing and mastering (master fader channel)

my result testimony this VST is 80 of 100

But if you wanna instant listen you can listen below...

Download here:
192kbps, half part:  Click here
64kbps, full duration: <soon>

For premium download you will get many all features likes: 
-all track mixdown (steams)
-mixdown track
-master track
-FL Studio's File
-lyric & chord, and more...

Contact me First.

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