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Little Vampire (Gumi V3 ENG) With QUiCK MiXiNG

Trance,Techno,Megpoid,Gumi,Vocaloid,,Electro,EDM,Dwi Kashiwagi,dw Record,
Music,Song,Asia,Indonesia,Original,Beat,Dance,Little Vampire,Japan,
Mixing,Mastering,Learning,Education,Teach,Quick Mixing

bY: Dwi Kashiwagi
Vocaloid: Megpoid (Gumi) V3
Main Genre: Trance
Music Country: INA
Language: ENG

Hello again everybody, sorry I always slow updated ^_^. I think around 22 June - 25 June 2016 I finished to released that one. If you heard this one, maybe you will get little strange, why happened with this lyric? hihihi. But I ensure if you heard this one you will be find the unique story. Yes, this song all about  Little Vampire. And had genre Trance. So, get on with it, I will not chit - chat any more ^_^.

From here you will watching processing about this song, but with quick mixing. Yes, many road to find the goals mixing, many teach. Thats all actually dependent what kinds music is likes...
Ok, check here below...

From here, you can only listening that song...

For Download here:
192kbps, 'half part': Little Vampire (Gumi V3 ENG) With QUiCK MiXiNG
64kbps, Full Duration: <soon>

For premium download you will get many all features likes:
-all track mixdown (steams)
-mixdown track
-master track
-FL Studio's File
-lyric & chord, and more...

Contact me First.

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