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Kebesaran-Mu (Seeu V3) with QUiCK MiXiNG

Beat,Dance,Techno,Dwi Kashiwagi,dw Record,
Japan,Vocaloid,SeeU,Kebesaran Mu

bY: Dwi Kashiwagi
Vocaloid Bank: SeeU V3
Main Genre: Trance
Music Country: INA

Who did not knew about vocaloid, I believe many knewing about that. Was created in Japan, those are many about vocaloid languages likes: English, Korea, Spanyol, and what ever.

And how about Indonesian language?. of course not available, hihihi. But here, I was just used with Indonesian language :D. You wanna know  how i did that?. Of course, I will tell ya, but next with new video tutorial, okay.

This is my new setting about how to fast mixing process. Maybe, you can try this new one. Okay, in tutorial before i forgot to puted reverb in here I was used it, and many plugins too. Okay so here, check this out friend...

Wanna direct listening Mastered Song but just half part, you can click below via soundcloud:

For Download, you can access here below:
Mastered, 192kbps (half part): click here
Mastered, 64kbps (full duration): <soon>

For premium download you will get many all features likes:
-all track mixdown (steams)
-mixdown track
-master track
-FL Studio's File
-lyric & chord, and more...

Contact me First.
Thats all. Thanks...

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