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Dwi Kashiwagi - Dreaming + QUiCK MiXiNG

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bY: Dwi Kashiwagi
Main Genre: Trance
Type: Instrumental
Music Country: INA

This instrumental song, had genre Trance. I made this song around -+3 days. And not forgot I insert the 2 choir females in this song. I hope this would worked made Orchestral tasted (although just a little :D ).
Okay, then I will not more chit chat. So everybody, have enjoy listen...

If you wanna knowing about tutorial instant mixing song, you can watching my video below.
I use the point plugins like:
- EQ
- Compressor
- Mix Stereo Saturation
But I forgot to puted Reverb :D, here happy watching...

From here, you can only just playing the song...

Download here:
(192kbps) half part: Dwi Kashiwagi - Dreaming
(192kbps) half part @REMASTERED: <soon>
Low qualitym Full Duration: <soon>

For premium download you will get many all features likes:
-all track mixdown (steams)
-mixdown track
-master track
-FL Studio's File
-chord, and more...

Contact me First.

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