Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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The Flowdown - Movin' On
Hello, long time I not post yet ^_^. Okay, here it is my next REMiX The Flowdown - Movin' On.

I think this a new song in 2016. Maybe you first to hear about it?. Ah do not think about it. But here I wanna explained The Flowdown - Movin' On's music like what?. Good question, this band had main genre Latin I think. If you listened the Originaly, you will find this music colour like Santana Style. But here I REMiX that. Actually I got 4 days to finished this REMiX. Yes, because duration this song is 8:06. Waw.
If you find the originaly duration is 7 minutes more. Waw.

Okay, here my REMiX. I hope you will be enjoyed to listen it.

Youtube link
From here, you can watch video and music too. You can learning how to mixing the song with instan move ^_^. And I hope this instan tutorial can helpfull for you...

From here you can only listen the music. But here, just temporary files. Maybe will deleted

The Flowdown - Movin' On REMiX
Main Genre: Trance
Music Country: USA

Download here:
half part (high quality): The Flowdown - Movin' On (Dwi Kashiwagi REMiX)
full (low quality): The Flowdown - Movin' On (Dwi Kashiwagi REMiX)

For premium download you will get many all features likes:
-all track mixdown (steams)
-mixdown track
-master track
-FL Studio's File
-lyric & chord, and more...

Contact me First.

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