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Fruity dB Meter Plugin Function on FL Studio

Fruity dB Meter: is a large-display peak meter in a dB (decibel) format. Any signal above 0 dB is displayed in orange . Hold the mouse cursor over the display to see the decibel level. Right-click it to reset the peak holds.

Fruity dB Meter can be set at various points in the Fx chain, to check levels before and after different effects.
NOTE: there is also an General Settings option Alternate meter scale that will change the scaling of all FL Studio peak meters. 

Ok, actually this plugin really useless. But, if you want to use it that's no problem. But, I recommend to use dB meter on mixer track on FL Studio (press F9).

Did you know what is it mean Peak ?.
A peak meter is a type of measuring instrument that indicates visually the instantaneous level of an audio signal that is passing through it (a sound level meter). In sound reproduction, the meter, whether peak or not, is usually meant to correspond to the perceived loudness of a particular signal. (
 So, Peak really having important role.
Don't to much gain some level of volume. That's no problem if you gain it. But, don't till passing through 0. If still minus number, it's okay. But if not, your audio track/s will get sound distortion or broken. Then since you will mixing of your sound, you will get more trouble.
 This is formula of Peak:
Volume Level < 0 of Peak Level
 Ok, that's all. Next, we will move about Fruity Delay 2. See ya...

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