Thursday, January 11, 2018

6:17:00 PM


With Night (Part 02) - 00 (Special Track) 

Me -> Cyber Diva as Leona 
You -> Rin as Lilian 

The future has come... 
Now, the world really changed. 
New country and new states has born. 

How did that can be, 

"Teriotola", a new country's name. Now, this is number one in the world. 
And one great technology only in the world have of. 
"Teleportation Machine". 

Now, I am here. in my thinking, is there any world better than this ?. 
Then everything has changed, since I met with Lilian...

Detail Of Song

1st Genre/s: Electronic
2nd Genre/s: Rock, Anime
3rd Genre: Light, Cheers

Audio Source/s



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