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Two Rings Which Of Cursed (Part 01)(Updated 11 Okt 2017)

Player Characters:
* Cyber Diva as Sesil
* Kaito as Yesafa
* Megurine Luka as Demira

Along time ago,  in the old story. In the woodland, and - at the old cave. Demira and Sesil was met of that fates.
 “Ring of Cursed”. They’re found of that. Now, Demira and Sesil’s life was changed. Time was increasingly passed. Now, Demira was became a evil person. That’s happened because from the Ring of Cursed's influence. But somehow, Sesil didn't affected of that.

Many of destruction was conducted by Demira. Sesil really don’t know what should her to do to stopping her. But, as soon as possible, Sesil must to stopping of all of it. And, This is the beginning of the story.

“Two Rings Which Of Cursed (Part 01).

Btw, this album has launched in end september`2017. Album preview, can see and visit at below or playing it.

If you want, you can buy directly full album on bandcamp:

And for order pysical of album, you can buy directly. Just send message on dw Record's fanspage (right side). Then you'll be get reply for how to rule order.

All state/s are allowed to order.
That's all, Enjoy...

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