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Pop Style(s)

Bassically, Music having many of genres. But in the world we are know 3 of genres all of many people use, like/s:

1)      Pop
2)      Rock
3)      Jazz

For now, we will learn bassically of Pop Genre. If you know, pop genre is one of easily genre. Why I said that’s easily, because you don’t need a or some difficult of chords.

C – D –E – F – G – A – B – C’ – n

You can see, pop genre just need a notes sequence. No need difficult of chord or note. And with Invert Chord you can make of that.

Example: you want to making some song on C key, so you need some Invert Chord. Here is the steps:

Make sure, you will choice of note. Minor type, or Mayor type. (in here, I will choose Mayor)

Write C key, like this:
C Key = C – E – G – C – E – G

Then, use the Invert Chord of I and II type ( if you don’t understand, you can read my article before. Just type in search “Invert Chord”)

C Key (normal) = C – E – G
I Type = E – G – C’
II Type  = G’ – C’ – E’

G Key (normal) = G – B – D’
I Type = B – D’ – G’
II Type = D’ – G’ – B’

Why I choose C and G note, because C key having a chord point on G. in here we are just getting the formula material.

C chord and G chord = C – E – G – E – G – C – G – C – E – G – B – D – B – D – G – D – G – B

Not forget to always remember of Minor scale, and Mayor scale. (you can search in the blog about of that). So, we will get formula like this:

Minor Scale    = Dm – Em – Am
Mayor Scale   = C – F – G

If you want to add Diminish mode, you can add Bdim. So, chord of all of you needs:

C – Em – G – Em – G – C – G – C – Em – G – Bdim – Dm – Bdim – Dm – G – Dm – G – Bdim

Then, choosing of all chords of you’re needs. And make sure, all of chords are harmonic. Example:
C – Em – F – G or
C – G – C and whatever...

You’re done :)

Easy right ?. you don’t to shy if you want to ask to me if you’re getting confused. If I can, I will tell you fast as possible.

Okay, that’s all. I hope of this will be useful for you guys. Enjoy. And have a good day...

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