Sunday, April 29, 2018

6:54:00 PM

Hello there, now we will continuing with this album for Part 03. Yeah, I really can't wait againg for release it^^. I will reminding you for Part 02 Synopsis

Time by time, 
Demira has been passing all of lived in a grisly place. 
Many demons and evils has lived in that place.
Till of one time, 
she was entering in at myterious cave. 
Then, the fate has choosed her. Since she found a black ring. 
And with non consciously, all of her life has changed and also her characters. 

In the meantime, 
Yesafa confused truly. He tried and tried to found Demira. 
Then problem was increasingly again, Now Demonic has disappeared (daughter of him). 
he doesn't knew who's should him believed. Parents of him or her's best friend. 

He surrender, 
He deciding to move and forgotting of all about Demira and Demonic.
(He think Demira and Demonic are die). 
That's big mistakes truly. 

Demira and Demonic are not die. 
And for now 'a bigest decide' from Yesafa will be making him suffering very heavy.

If you wanna see of Part 02 you can visit link here:

And for Ex Version visit here:

Now we will discuss about tracks number. But I think 3 or 4 tracks plus 1 intro of part 03. Stay tunned. We will update as soon as posible^^

Synopsis TRWOC (Part 03)

Vocaloids Used

Tracks List


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