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REVOLUTION of Mandarin Songs REMiX (VOCALOiD)(Updated 04 May 2018)

REVOLUTION of Mandarin Old Songs REMiX (VOCALOiD), yes say that again. In here, we will make differently. Now we will go to the straight Chineese Songs. I know, many of you will odd while hear that? but trust me, you will get hear really different about these. can imagine ?, ^_^

Don't worry, we will selecting the best song here. Below, that's the details but sorry that's still many empties. But as fast as possible, I will update.

Vocaloid Bank(s) Used

Xing Chen/ Star Dust (星尘)
Hatsune Miku (初音未来)
Luo Tianyi (洛天依)

Tracks List:

1. Hatsune Miku (初音未来) - 听海-RMX (Original By_ 张惠妹)
2. Xing Chen/ Star Dust (星尘) - 包容-RMX (Original By_ 张韶涵)
3. Luo Tianyi (洛天依)黃昏-RMX (Original By_ 周傳雄)
4. Hatsune Miku (初音未来) - 听海-RMX (Original By_ 张惠妹)(OV)
5. Xing Chen/ Star Dust (星尘) - 包容-RMX (Original By_ 张韶涵)(OV)
6. Luo Tianyi (洛天依) - 黃昏-RMX (Original By_ 周傳雄)(OV)

Tracks List Descriptions

听海-RMX (Original By_ 张惠妹)

Kulilay Amit (simplified Chinese张惠妹traditional Chinese張惠妹pinyin:Zhāng Huìmèi, born 9 August 1972[1][2]), better known by her stage name A-mei, is a Taiwanese Puyuma singer-songwriter. In 1996, she made her singing debut and released her album, Sisters. Her albums, Truth (2001), Amit (2009), and Faces of Paranoia (2014), each won her a Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Female Singer, and made her one of the singers who won the category the most times. Having sold more than 50 million records, she has achieved success and popularity in Chinese-speaking world.
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包容-RMX (Original By_ 张韶涵)

Angela Chang (simplified Chinese张韶涵traditional Chinese張韶涵pinyin:Zhāng Shàohán; born 19 January 1982) is a Taiwanese singer, actress who rose to fame through Taiwanese television drama My MVP Valentine. She subsequently debuted as a singer with her first studio album Over the Rainbowreleased in 2004 by Linfair Records and was met with instant success. In 2018, she participated in the popular Chinese singing contest Singer 2018both as a host and contestant.

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黃昏-RMX (Original By_ 周傳雄)

Steve Chou (Chinese周傳雄pinyinZhōu Chuánxióng) is a Taiwanesecomposer and singer. He is the youngest of three children, including an older sister and older brother. Their parents abandoned them at an early age, and they were forced to make a living instead of going to school.
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