Thursday, January 25, 2018

3:56:00 PM


Luka as Lydia 
Kaito as Dleric 
Gumi/ Megpoid as Sarah 
Miku as Elysia 

This is a miracles... 
The fate has been choosing Lydia. 

The Knife as Elysia. That's her fate. 

Now with the mysterious power of Elysia, Lydia returned at the passed. 
And met with Sarah (her best friend) for told all the truth. But She didn't believed it. 

"Be believe it. That's world is very full with falsity..." 

That before, she has killed him. Because "TRIANGLE LOVE" between Lyria and Lydia. 

That's very ironic. And now, "One more time". 
Lydia will undergo of her life with "one more time again". 
Surely with different stories than the reality of formerly.


Vocalbank/s: Megurine Luka, UNI, Kaito, Gumi/ Megpoid, SeeU, Hatsune Miku

Genre: *Random

Audio Source/s

Audio/s Demo

Vocalbank: Megurine Luka

Vocalbank: UNI

Vocalbank: Megurine Luka

Vocalbank: UNI

Vocalbank: Kaito

Vocalbank: Gumi/ Megpoid

Vocalbank: SeeU

Vocalbank: Megurine Luka

Vocalbank: Hatsune Miku

Triangle Love (Part 03) Preview

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