Monday, January 8, 2018

6:34:00 PM

Fruity Big Clock: Can't see the menu bar clock? Too proud to wear glasses? Then the Fruity Big Clock plugin is for you. It shows the playing time in Bar:Beat:Tick format and Minute:Second:1/100 format. Optionally, it can also display the song time in Bar:Step:Tick format.
To use, just drop an instance of the plugin on any Mixer track (the position does not matter). If only everything in life was this simple :)

I think this plugin really useless. Actually this plugin just have function for time monitor. So, you can use internal monitor time on your FL self. Go to View->Tolbar->Time Panel then your internal monitor time will show.

I think for now just that's all. And still in the same day for now, I will tell you about Fruity Convolver. Then see yaa...

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