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Synopsis Of With Part 03

*** With Night (Part 03) *** 

Cyber Diva as Leona 
Rin as Lilian 
Tito as ??? 
Sandict as Kaito 

The Fate has choiced Leona. 

And finally, Leona has become an Elf. 
And finally, 
Lilian and Tito prepared to open gate dimension. 
And suddenly, they're deciding to enter it 
and ready to go to Elf World. 

Light Palace, 
that is the main center of Elf World. 

On a journey, 
Leona has fallen but Lilian can caught her. 
With Fastly, 
Lilian and Tito has arrived at Light Palace 
and directly bring Leona to the her room. 

In there, Leona awaked, and she met with Sandict. 
He really curioused with Leona. 
He thinked, Leona having mysterious aura. 

Leona's new life just has been beginning. 
A fantasy stories, now has been waiting Leona.

Audio Source/s of With Night (Part 03)

Video Source/s of With Night (Part 03)

Soundcloud Source/s of of With Night (Part 03) Short Ver.

And here is short version of song, you can listen...

Track 01
Vocalbank: Cyber Diva

Track 02
Vocalbank: Rin

Track 03
Vocalbank: Cyber Diva

Track 04
Vocalbank: Kaito

Track 05 -END-
Vocalbank: Cyber Diva

Track 06
Vocalbank: -


Synopsis of Sahabat Sejati

*** Sahabat Sejati *** 

What's mean of best friend?. 
That is a someone will never to leaving you. 
Will be always on beside you... 
Will be always to helping you... 

Did you know ??, 
Having best friend is very difficult 
than a Boyfriend or Girlfriend.

Bandcamp Source/s of Friend Forever (SiNGLE)

Dailymotion Source/s of  Friend Forever (SiNGLE) Short Ver.

Soundcloud Source/s of Bandcamp Source/s
Friend Forever (SiNGLE) Short Ver.

Track 07
Vocalbank: SeeU


Synopsis of Mawar Merah

*** Mawar Merah *** 

Rose Flowers having mean of love. 

And, this is a story about Rose Flower 
in the wild park...

Bandcamp Source/s of Rose Flower Is Beautiful (SiNGLE)

Soundcloud Source/s of Rose Flower Is Beautiful (SiNGLE)

Track 08
Vocalbank: UNI

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