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Introducing FL Studio (30 Des 2017)

And here, I will telling you about what’s new on FL Studio in this version 12 now.

FL Engine / Interface:

    • Command-line export - Batch-process export project and MIDI files.
    • Custom mapping formulas - You can now add your own custom mapping formulas to the Right-click Formula Menu for controller links.
    • Export Audio - Default bit rate for MP3 and OGG export set to 192Kbps.
    • General Settings - 'Optimize for' now always defaults to multi-button mouse on install
    • Mixer - 'Mixer Menu > View > Alternative mixer highlighting' option to work with the new very bright or dark colors (that we also snuck into the 12.3.0 update).
    • Playlist loop recording - Deglitched and improved for Audio and MIDI loop recording.
    • Plugin manager - Can now be set to remain on-top.
    • Shortcut Panel - Right-click the 'Render as audio file...' button to render to MP3.
    • MIDI Controller - Native Instruments Machine JAM controller support.
    • Audio stretching - Updated to Elastique version 3 with improved transient processing, especially at high stretch ratios (by zplane).
    • Auto name - The names of existing Channels aren't changed when dropping presets on them and the General Settings > Auto name is off.
    • Channel Menu - The Channel Options Menu has moved from the Toolbar Menu to the Channel rack (1).
    • Channel Rack - Optional (Alt+M) Mixer track routing controls.
    • Channel Settings - Have been integrated into the Plugin Wrapper.
    • Color and icon options - Right-Click, direct menu items to change color and icon of channels, patterns and plugins
    • Event Editors - Event Editors no longer close if the Effect Slot changes
    • FLAC export - Export FLAC from FL Studio or Edison.
    • Image-Line Remote feedback - Right-click Enable Image-Line Remote to activate control feedback from FL Studio to IL Remote.
    • Interface - Vectorial user interface can be scaled between 100% to 400% and supports high resolution monitors up to 8K. See Options > General Settings > GUI display.
    • Major bug fix/maintenance update - If you have experienced bugs please test for them and report to Techsupport if they still exist.
    • Manage plugins menu - Manage Plugins menu item moved from Tools to Options menu
    • Pattern Menu - The Pattern Menu has moved from the Channel rack to the Toolbar Menu and Pattern Selector (14).
    • Real-time stretching - Sampler and Audio Clip 'Realtime > Stretch' mode allows you to change tempo and maintain pitch and rhythm in sync with the project AND OR change pitch and maintain sample duration in the Piano roll. See also: 'Tools menu > Macros > Switch realtime stretching for all audio clips'.
    • Restore previous state after solo option - This option under General Settings > Miscellaneous allows you to restore the Channel Rack, Playlist and Mixer to their state prior to a solo command, or to unsolo everything when it's off.
    • Stepsequencer - Stepsequences are now interchangeable with Piano rolls.
    • Type in values - Tempo and Mixer track selectors now accept actual values.
    • Typing keyboard to Piano - Added 24 new typing scales (right-click 'Typing to piano' button).
    • VST Plugins - VST plugin installation has been improved and includes the ability to set multiple search folders with the 'File Settings > Manage plugins > Add path option on the Plugin manager'.
    • VST Plugins - Implemented Presonus "high-dpi" notification support for VST 2 and 3 plugins

New plugins

FL Studio Mobile - The plugin version of the FL Studio mobile App (Android, iOS, Windows App).
Transistor Bass - TB303™ style emulator.
Transient Processor (demo). Hey, no complaints! We haven't released a new plugin, for sale, since Harmor in 2011 yet we gave away Maximus and Sytrus with FL Studio 12. We're not greedy :P
Razer Chroma - Control Razer Chroma enabled hardware such as laptops, keyboards, mice and headsets from FL Studio.
Plugin updates - Mainly replacing bitmap with vectorial interfaces (UI):
Channel Sampler - Updated with new Elastique 3 stretching.
3x OSC - Vectorial UI.
BeepMap - Vectorial UI.
BooBass - Vectorial UI.
Control Surface - Added multi-touch control and buttons.
Edison - Vectorial UI.
EQUO - Vectorial UI.
FL Keys - Vectorial UI.
Fruit Kick - Vectorial UI.
Big Clock - Vectorial UI.
Fruity Convolver - New impulse library by Soundiron. See Browser > Impulses.
Fruity Convolver - Vectorial UI.
dB Meter - Vectorial UI.
Delay 2 - Vectorial UI.
Delay Bank - Vectorial UI.
DrumsynthLive - Vectorial UI.
DX 10 - Vectorial UI.
Fruity Envelope Controller - Updated features: 8 Articulators, Mod X/Y env, Smart Knobs & Vectorial UI.
Fast Dist - Vectorial UI.
Flangus - Vectorial UI.
Fruity Formula Controller - Updated features & Vectorial UI.
Granulizer - Vectorial UI.
Fruity Keyboard Controller - Vectorial UI.
Fruity Limiter - Vectorial UI.
Love Philter - Vectorial UI.
LSD - Vectorial UI.
Multiband Compressor - Vectorial UI.
PanOMatic - Vectorial UI.
Parametric EQ2 - Right-click band tokens to select Key (note frequencies).
Parametric EQ - Vectorial UI.
Fruity Peak Controller - Vectorial UI.
Reeverb 2 - Vectorial UI.
Fruity Send - Vectorial UI and can now send to any mixer track linked to the host track.
Slicer - Vectorial UI.
Soft Clipper - Vectorial UI.
Soundfont Player - Vectorial UI.
Stereo Enhancer - Vectorial UI.
Stereo Shaper - Vectorial UI.
Video player 2 - GUI interface, complete rewrite and supports all open video formats.
Vocoder - Vectorial UI.
WaveShaper - Vectorial UI.
X-Y Controller - Vectorial UI.
Gross Beat - Vectorial UI.
Hardcore - New effect, Tube-drive distortion and additional convolution impulse-based cabinet models.
Harmor - 'Song synced' resynthesis template presets (1, 2 and 4 bars).
Maximus - Vectorial UI.
Patcher - Double-click plugins to open them outside the Patcher. (Alt+Click) to leave other plugins open. Hold (SHIFT) when drag-n-dropping patcher to encapsulate existing plugins. Added multi-touch control and buttons to control surfaces.
Patcher - New FX patches by WiseLabs, right-click the plugin window's top-right preset selector.
Plucked! - Vectorial UI.
Sytrus - Vectorial UI + 90+ Seamless and nucleon presets.
ZGameEditor Visualizer - Completely revised with up to 25 layers and new visual FX.
ZGameEditor Visualizer - Now loads all popular video formats. DMX lighting support. 4K+ video rendering.

Channel Rack

  • MIDI channel through - Allows all MIDI Channels from a controller or external sequencer to pass to the plugin for separate control AND to record up to 16 separate MIDI Channel colors. When this option is off, MIDI Channel is ignored (previous FL Studio behavior).
  • Auto resize - Set the height of the Channel Rack (Off, Min, Max).
  • Lock MIDI notes to Channels - Right-click a Channel Button and select Receive notes from. The Channel will now respond to that Controller regardless of what Channel is selected in FL Studio.
  • Mute/Solo locking - Shift-Click Mute LEDs to lock them to their current state.
  • Sort by - Sort the Channel Rack order (Mixer Track, Name, Color).

Piano roll

  • Editable ghost notes - Piano roll menu > Helpers > Editable ghosts (Ctrl+Alt+V) - Allows direct interaction with Ghost Notes as per normal notes.
  • Find unintentionally overlapped notes - Use 'Piano roll menu > Select > Select possible conflicts' to highlight all overlapping notes.
  • Piano roll Auto-zoom can be deselected from Settings > General > Auto zoom in piano roll.
  • Stamp tool (on toolbar) - Replaces chord tool. Paste preset chords.
  • Time markers - Add time markers to the Piano roll for labelling purposes. Setting a time marker of type 'Pattern length' will change the active Pattern length.
  • Brush tools updated - Mono paint renamed Paint: Swaps +Shift functions with un-Shifted functions to match the brush tool behavior prior to FL Studio 11. Poly paint renamed Paint in drum sequencer mode: Functions remain the same. The name changes are intended to better explain the purpose of the two brush tools.
  • Event Editor target menu - Moved to the left of the integrated Event Editor.
  • Keyboard views - See 'Menu > View > Keyboard style' for new 'Classic', 'Modern' and 'List' views.
  • Scale highlighting - See 'Menu > Helpers > Scale highlighting' to choose a scale root (C through to B) and scale type (Major, Minor etc) to show on the Piano roll background.
  • New shortcuts
    • G - Select the Channel above
    • H - Select the Channel above with note data
    • J - Select the Channel below with note data
    • K - Select the Channel below


  • 10 FX slots per track - Increased from 8 slots, use Patcher if you need more.
  • Full mixer track colors - See Mixer Menu > View > Colorful mixer > Off, Low, Medium or High.
  • Grouping - Enhanced track grouping and sub-mix functionality.
  • GUI - Vectorial UI dynamically resizable X 6 layout styles. 3 user-configurable docking panels.
  • Lines between Mixer tracks - See Mixer Menu > View > Lines between tracks.
  • Multi-select - Select and adjust multiple track levels.
  • Multi-touch - Multi-touch support.
  • Mute/Solo locking - Shift-Click Mute LEDs to lock them to their current state.
  • No more dedicated 'Send' tracks - The four dedicated Send tracks have been replaced with general purpose tracks and now can be used as part of the general track pool.
  • 'Selected' - (S) Mixer track has been renamed 'Current' (C). It's now to the left of the Master Mixer track.

(Source: FL Studio Help)

Ok, that’s all instant of Inroducing FL Studio. I know that just half part of teory. But I think these really enough for you because I have selected of important point. And I know still confuse but don’t worry I will explain step by step. And next, I will write about Plugins Functions. Then hope useful this articel. And, see you next time...

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