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Damnation Power (4th Album)

Music & Lyric: Dwi Kashiwagi
Vocaloid Bank: Gumi, Cyber Diva, Luka, SeeU and UNI
Lisence(s): dw Record
Buy Direct: Bandcamp

Main Genre: Metal/ Epic
Second Genre: Rock/ Ballad
Music Country: INA, USA, JPN
Language: INA, ENG
Has released (Split Album) of 4th album of Damnation Power. 
each tracks having flows stories. 
These album song having epic category, and having Metal genre (primary) and Game 

Telling about someone traped into other world, where at other world that full with chaos 
and far from peacefulness. 
And without conscious, she have hidden power, where that power can changing everything, 
life, time and fate ???.

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