Monday, June 26, 2017

6:35:00 PM

Hello, now I will teach you about ' Sequences of Minor, Mayor and Diminish Notes'. If you asking, what is Sequences of Minor? that is an  describing notes having far from happy theme, example: sad, terror, mysterious, scary, etc. And Sequence Mayor is inverse of Sequence Minor. Example: Happy, spoiled, etc. How about Diminish?, Diminish is almost same with Minor but, more extreme feel. You can try to playing  diminish chords, like: Bdim -   Ddim - Bdim -   Ddim, and feel that. For 'Chord Tutorial' you will get it, but next.

Example of Sequence of Notes on Minor, Mayor and Diminsh:
If Sequence of Note on 'C' Key. So Minor Sequences located on 'D' and 'A' Keys.
If Sequence of Note on 'C' Key. So Mayor Sequences located on 'C', 'E', 'F', 'G' Keys.
If Sequence of Note on 'C' Key. So Diminish Sequences located on 'B' Key.

Here amount of distance each Minor Notes (drag in new tab if want to download/s):

Mayor Notes:

Diminish Notes:

Okay, That is all. I hope this really very useful for you. So see you next time, in new learning...

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