Thursday, February 2, 2017

4:29:00 PM

Ok, now it's time. FATE Album Crossfades now has been live.
Here the all of lists tracks:

Track 1: FATE - iNTRO
Track 2: Distorsi Alam
Track 3: Distorsi Alam II
Track 4: Gadis Dari Langit
Track 5: Seseorang Yang Lain
Track 6: Dia Dirimu Dan Diriku
Track 8: Bersama Kalian Semua
Track 9: Distorsi Alam III
Track 10: Kenangan Bersama
Track 11: Hanya Kepada Dia
Track 12: Kehidupan Terakhirku
Track 13: Distorsi Alam [Off Vocal]
Track 14: Distorsi Alam II [Off Vocal]
Track 15: Gadis Dari Langit [Off Vocal]
Track 16: Seseorang Yang Lain [Off Vocal]
Track 17: Dia Dirimu Dan Diriku [Off Vocal]
Track 18: Bersama Kalian Semua [Off Vocal]
Track 19: Distorsi Alam III [Off Vocal]
Track 20: Kenangan Bersama [Off Vocal]

And, for add lists tracks will be live on april. So, please wait its for next information.

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