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Triangle Love Album (23-Nov-2016)

Music & Lyric: Dwi Kashiwagi
Vocaloid Bank: SeeU
Lisence(s): dw Record
Buy Direct: ITunes Amazon
Original Site(s): ITunes
Listen On: Dezzer IHeartRadio
Main Genre: Pop Variation
Second Genre: Classic
Music Country: INA
Language: INA

Songs Preview

Hello everybody Triangle Love Album now has been released. 
This songs has main genre: Pop Variation, and second genre: Classical
This song created by: Dwi Kashwagi.
This album has contains 6 primaries tracks songs. And 5 bonuses instruments songs too.
This album choice SeeU for vocalbank. This really completely 100% indonesian vocal languange/spells, grammars.


Release on ITunes:
Release date: 23-Nov-2016
Label: dw Record
UPC: 859718468660
Primary Genre: Pop
Secondary Genre: J Pop
Language: Indonesian

0. Triangle Love-INTRO
1. Kebahagiaanmu Kebahagiaanku
2. Bayangan Cinta Pertama
3. Yang Terbaik Untukmu dan Untukku
4. Jangan Kau Permainkan Diriku Ini
5. Maafkan Diriku Ini
6 to 10 +Instruments Songs

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